The Secrets of Great NBA Shooters Finally Revealed!!!

Are you sick of killing yourself to become a better shooter without seeing any results?

A Quick Hello...

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You spend hours in the gym with coaches, teammates, and by yourself working on your shooting. But when it comes time to step into the game and knock down a shot you find yourself scared, timid, and unsure of yourself. 

It's like your not even the same person...​

Here's the Deal.

A TON of Coaches and Players Think that...

Shooting a Ton of Shots in Practice = Making Shots in a Game

The BIG Problem with this is that...

This is only 1/2 of the Equation.

In my Basketball Career...

  • I was a 4 year Starter at a Division 1 College Program
  • I won a Division 1 State Championship in High School
  • I was the leading scorer (30ppg) and 3 point shooter (45%) for two straight years playing professionally in Australia 
  • I was a career 40% three point shooter in College
  • I've played for great coaches and just finished my 3rd year as a pro
  • I've spent hundreds of hours training and coaching other players

And Yet...

Through all those experiences no one gave me the

full picture about how great shooters become great. 

So I decided to do my own investigation.

I studied the greats...

Guys Like


What I found has changed how I think about Shooting the Basketball

The Reality is that ALL Great NBA Shooters...


Develop a Shooter's Mindset


Understand and LOVE the Process of "Crafting" their Shot


Embody and Practice the 5 Secrets

Here's what you get

  • A 79 page E-Book that reveals the 5 Secrets of NBA Shooters
  • Specific insights into how I've shot 45% from three-point range in 3 years as a Pro
  • Over 20 different shooting drills that HELP YOU develop the 5 Secrets 
  • In depth case studies on the SPECIFIC practices and techniques that make guys like Kyle Korver, Steph Curry, and Larry Bird great
  • Mental Exercises to help you shoot with confidence and make shots in BIG GAMES!!!
  • Specific Drills and Exercises to help you develop the mental side of shooting 
  • My Personal "Shooting Checklist" which has helped raise my 3-point shooting percentage by 5% in the last 3 years.

Can I be honest with you for a second...