Korver and Horford why “Mattering” is Key to Success

Kyle Korver and Al Horford talk to ESPN’s Bill Simmons about why “Mattering” is key to team’s success.


Why “mattering” matters:

  1. When you sharing the ball you start having fun and score more points
  2. When everyone feels like we’re a specific part of the puzzle they naturally play harder
  3. When everyone feels like they matter every single time down the court it become addictive
  4. You get to be a part of almost every play (not just standing in the corner to space for someone else) which is contagious and you start to make plays for other guys
  5. No one is just waiting for the ball to come to them
  6. You shoot shots differently when you get touches on the ball
  7. Everyone touching the ball gives people energy on both ends of the court