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Greetings Marlin Family,

This is Assistant Coach Quinn McDowell from Virginia Wesleyan. Glad that you are here! I started the Arete (/əˈret/) Hoops project after I graduated from William and Mary and began playing professionally overseas. If you're interested in leadership, team-building, and personal development I'd love to have you join the family. I produce content that is designed to help coaches and players: lead with excellence, live great stories, and love relentlessly.

I have a free PDF for you to download straight to your computer. All you need to do is scroll down and enter your information in the fields below. Once you sign up, I'll send you occasional emails about various leadership topics (but never SPAM).

The mission of Arete Hoops is simply to:

To build transformational leaders by inspiring and developing athletes, coaches, and influencers to live world-changing lives of leadership.

10 Simple Ideas to Improve Your Team's Culture

This no-nonsense book will describe 10 simple ideas that every coach can use to immediately begin improving their team's culture.

Every coach knows that good culture is important, but it can be difficult to know where or how to start. This short, simple, and practical book will give you 10 specific strategies that you can start implementing TODAY.


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