The 5 Secrets of All Great NBA Shooters

  • Become a Lethal Shooter
  • Learn to Deal with Pressure
  • Make Big Shots

In this book 

You will discover

The 5 Secrets

There is a pattern to how all great NBA shooters become elite. Find out how they do it.

NBA Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at what makes guys like Steph Curry, Larry Bird, and Kyle Korver masters of shooting the basketball.

Practical Drills and Exercises

Learn the on-court drills and mental exercises that have helped me become a career 40% shooter from the three-point line.

Unlock Your Shooters Mindset

Becoming a GREAT shooter is a mental battle to develop a shooters mindset. Unlock your potential now.

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What to Expect.

A 79 Page E-Book 

This book is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and my experiences as a 4-year Division 1 starter and the last 4 years playing as a professional in Spain and Australia. 

A FREE Shooting Checklist PDF!

Get the EXACT steps on how you make your own Shooting Checklist. This exercise was something that I only discovered in the last few years, and it has radically transformed my shooting mindset.

A BONUS Shooting Games PDF!

Learn how to incorporate the aspects of competition and fun into your team's shooting practices. These games can be played with an entire team or with a few friends.

Money Back Guarantee

If this Book doesn't give you the tools to drastically take your shooting to the next level, we will give you your money back no questions asked. 

The Arete Hoops

Money Back Guarantee

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Jake U18 Player

Quinn’s training is a lot of fun because he’s had so much experience with playing in the NBA D-League and other professional leagues. The drills, exercises, and conditioning he provides are tremendously valuable to a player like myself who is focused on getting better and improving my skills, strength, and mental approach towards the game.

Earl LindforsWilliamsburg, VA

Quinn is an excellent basketball instructor for players of any age. He excels in quickly identifying improvement opportunities and developing solutions. My son has benefited from Quinn's tutelage and is now prepared to play basketball at the varsity level and beyond.


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