Gregg Popovich Transition Sets

The Spurs are some of the best in the NBA at running transition sets to take advantage of their mismatches and exploit early offensive opportunities. These sets give you the ability to put your players in a position to be successful depending on how you choose to use your personnel.

The following are three transition sets with a bunch of different options that allow you to maximise your teams early offense.

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Spurs Transition: Postup

Goal: To get a Big Man position the ball on the block. The point guard dribbles the ball down the wing while C at the top of the key sets a down screen for the SG. F clears to the corner and G clears dives to the block to set up an angle for the back screen to get C on the block

After SG pops out to the top of the key, PG should swing the ball to SG while G sets a back screen for C. This back screen should be at a 45 degree angle to make it hard for C's defender to pass the screen.

SG swings the ball to PG to improve the angle of passing to C as they dive to the low post. 

Spurs Transition: "Flex-Read"

This set starts in the same way with the PG bringing the ball down the wing and swinging the ball to F at the top of the key who then swings to SG on the opposite side. C starts to prepare to set a cross screen for G in the corner. 

Option 1: G comes off C's flex screen.

Option 2: G comes off F's down screen if the defender tries to jump the cross screen and beat G to the opposite site block. PG should also space to the low wing to give G space should they decide to jet to the top of the key.

Option 1 + 2 Looks: Here are the looks that SG has depending on what screen G decides to use. Either a post up on the ball side block, or coming off a down screen at the top of the key. 

Option 2 Finisher: If G decides to come off of F's down screen F can immediately turn around and set a ball screen for G (this is a super tough action to guard if you are G's defender). As G drives SG and PG should space to the corners and C can circle near the top of the free throw line as F dives to the rim. This takes C's defender away from the rim, and opens F's roll to the rim. Or if C's defender takes F rolling to the rim, C will have an open jumper at the top of the key.

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Spurs Transition: "Pick-Option"

This set starts in the same way with PG bringing the ball down the right side. The play starts by swinging the ball to F while SG sets a ball screen for F. Also, C should clear to the opposite side block (which could result in an easy post-up if C's man falls asleep. 

Option 1: SG should pop out after setting the ball screen for F and look to swing the ball after PG has set a down screen for G to pop out to the wing. 

Option 1a : PG clears to the corner. G now has the whole side of the floor to go 1 on 1. If that doesn't fit your personnel, C can sprint into a wing ball screen on the open side of the floor.

Option 2 : G's sets a down screen, but this time PG using the screen as to either curl to the rim, curl to the block, or curl to the lane. If PG doesn't receive on the curl cut, they should clear to the corner. C should also space to the short corner to give PG space to operate on the catch and be ready for a dump off pass. SG should be ready to deliver a pass to all of these options. 

Option 2a : After PG makes their read and if they don't receive, G should pop out to the wing and has a few options after receiving the ball from SG at the top of the key.. Either they can feed PG in the post or drive the lane. 

Option 2b : After G pops out to the wing and decides not to feed the post, or drive (PG should clear to corner if they don't receive a post up). After SG swings the ball to G, SG can set a screen for F at the weak side elbow (making it difficult for F's defender to guard the ball screen because they will be late on their positioning). F has the opportunity to run to the block for a post up, or straight into a ball screen with G on the empty wing.