What’s Next?

The greatest leaders often ask the most useful questions. One single question that all transformative leaders are asking themselves, is simply, “what’s next?” Because the best leaders understand that the calling of leadership is never a 9-5 affair, they are relentless in finding ways to tweak their culture, their program, and their team for the better.

Leadership is not a job that you leave at the office. Great leaders do not hold office hours. because their door is always open. Transformative leaders are the men and women who approach leadership as a calling not an occupation. They are constantly tweaking, brainstorming, discussing, and discovering the nuances that will help take their team to an elite level of performance.

Asking, “what’s next?” is the internal dialogue that great leaders have with themselves, hundreds (if not thousands) of times every day. Many coaches will preach, a “next play” mentality to their players. They will harp on the benefits of forgetting the successes of failures of the past in order to focus on the present moment. Leaders must always practice what they preach. They must lead by example when it comes to a “next play” mentality by constantly asking themselves “what’s next?”.

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