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Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a “leader” the truth is that all of us lead in some capacity or another. Through our actions, attitudes, and decisions we all have an influence on those around us: the question then becomes what kind of influence do we want to have on our friends, school, and teammates?

Each of us has a decision about what type of influence we want to have on those around us. Will you step up and make a difference in someone’s life, or will you be content to sit on the sidelines as life passes you by.

Check out our resource sections below.


Self Leadership

  • Learn more about why the most important person you can lead is yourself.
  • The path of self-leadership is difficult to walk, but in the end always worth the journey.



  • The daily pursuit of excellence is determined by the choices we make everyday
  • Our discipline, habits, and decisions determine who we are become



  • Explore some of the best quotes we’ve found on the topics of leadership, discipline, and work ethic


Signs of Leadership

  • In this section we talk about the habits of great leaders and how they make a difference on those around them

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