Simply put, Arete means excellence in any capacity.

Our mission is:

To build transformational leaders by inspiring and developing athletes, coaches, and influencers to live world-changing lives of leadership.


The Seven Core Behaviors that Guide our Pursuit of Excellence are to:

1. Grow perpetually

I want to be a leader who embraces a growth mindset and who views every situation (failure or success) as an opportunity to improve. A leader’s number one job is to do whatever it takes to grow in their skills, understanding, and capacity as a someone who others want to follow. My team’s ceiling is always determined by the effectiveness of my leadership.

2. Practice Deliberately

I believe that success will come as a result of my uncommon commitment to deliberately working on my craft. Deliberate practice will stretch me beyond my current capabilities, it will mentally exhaust me, and it will give me continuous feedback.

3. Choose Excellence

As Aristotle said, “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” I believe that my habits are the sum of my daily choices: therefore I have a choice every single day to either choose the path of least resistance or to walk the path of excellence.

4. Do Hard Things

I believe that a comfortable life is not a life worth living. I want risk taking and the deliberate choice to do hard things, to be the ethos of my leadership. When presented with the choice, my transformational leadership will be dependent on my ability to embrace doing things that make me uncomfortable.

5. Everything is Everything

I believe that everything I do matters. I believe that I will never make a single choice in my life in a vacuum. I know that every decision I make has a cumulative effect on the person I want to become. I believe that everything is everything because the summation of every single one of my choices will have an impact on the type of leader I will become in the future. I will choose to sweat the small stuff because I understand that the choice I make today will have a ripple effect (for better or worse) into the future.

6. Live Your Vision

I believe the effectiveness of my vision is directly proportional to how well I live what I preach. My most persuasive tool as a leader is to give others a powerful picture of the type of leaders they can become.

7. Walk with a Limp

I believe that if I am truly ‘other-centered’ I will always walk with a limp. Walking with a limp means that I admit to myself that I don’t have it figured out and still have a lot to learn. It means being humble, flexible, and teachable in how I approach my role as a leader.


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I am passionate about giving the world transformational leaders by inspiring and developing coaches, athletes, and influencers.

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