Great Passers

Passing the basketball is one of the most crucial skills in the game. It is difficult to become a great player without having the ability to influence the game with your passing skills. Passing is the most used skill in basketball, with hundreds of passes being completed each game.

Passing and Ball-Handling are closely intertwined, meaning that you can not be a great passer without being a great handler of the basketball. Some of the greatest point guards/handlers of the basketball are also some of the greatest passers.

There are a few key components to being a great passer….

1. Court Vision

Magic Johnson was one of the most prolific passers to play the game
Magic Johnson was one of the most prolific passers to play the game
    • Very few players are able to play with a vision of the court that sees beyond the man in frontof them. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to become focused on the person in front of you, but the great passers are able to see the entire court at all times. They have the ability to look past their immediate defenders and see the secondary defenders in order to make the correct read.

2. Decision Making

    • Great passers are ALWAYS great decision makers. Playing the game of basketball is nothing more than a series of crucial decisions throughout the course of a game. Usually the players that are able to make the best decisions are the most effective players on the floor. Making the best decision does not always mean throwing the highlight assist pass, but could mean making the extra pass on offense that gives a teammate an easy bucket.

3. Mindset

    • Great passers are always looking to get their teammates involved in the game. They play with the mindset that a great pass is just as valuable as a highlight dunk. Passers are expert  facilitators and take great joy in helping their teammates score. 


Passing Sections

Arete Hoops has set aside two sections that will help you fine tune your passing skills. Make sure to take advantage of these crucial teaching points and use them to improve your passing abilities.



In this section you will find…

  • Basic “How-To” lessons that will break down the fundamentals of passing
  • Simple drills that can be completed with or without a partner



In this section you will find…

  • Advanced passing principles to incorporate into your game
  • Training tips that will help you focus on improving your passing in game-like situations

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