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Dominant Post-Players

When experts argue about the most dominant post-players ever to play in the NBA, names like Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlin, Bill Russell, Dikembe Mutombo, and Patrick Ewing are players that enter the conversation.

These players had the unique ability to dramatically influence the game on both ends of the floor. Defensively they controlled the paint, blocked shots, and backed up their teammates: offensively they used their size and skill to become dangerous scoring threats.

In recent years the idea of a true “center” position has started to become extinct due to the rise of versatile forwards, an increase in “small ball”, and bigger players with guard skills.

However, just this past season in the NBA, two of the best players in the league (Roy Hibbert and Marc Gasol) were centers who may have started a resurgence of the center position. Only time will tell if the idea of a traditional post position will flourish, or evolve into a hybrid of what it once was.

Some of the great attributes of dominant post players are…


1. They are a FORCE at both ends

  • Players like Shaq, Mutombo, and Hakeem were able to have a huge impact on the game at both ends of the floor. On offense they made their team better by drawing double teams, scoring in key situations, and making passes to open shooters. On defense, they would discourage their opponent from driving into the lane (for a recent example of this take a look at the 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals) and alter shots.

2. They CHANGE the complexion of the game

  • The value of a dominant big man can not be overstated (for a visual picture of what it looks like check this out). When Shaquille O’Neal was in his prime, he probably did more than any other center to change the complexion of entire games and series. Whether he dominated through physical force or by brute strength, it was obvious that he changed the complexion of any game he played in.

3. They always make their TEAM better

  • Whether it is a blocked shot, a monster rebound, a clever post move, or a timely pass; great post-players find a way to make their team better. Bill Russell is a perfect example of doing whatever it takes to improve his teams chances of winning. He was a part of 11 championship teams during his 13 year nba career, making him the most accomplished professional athlete in team sports history. 


Post Move Sections… 

Arete Hoops has created three separate levels for beginners, intermediate, and advanced post-players.



In this section you will find…

  • A review of basic post moves such as the “drop step” and “jump hook”
  • A discussion about post positioning and post defense
  • Offensive technique and tips


In this section you will find…

  • Discussion and lessons on how to execute complex post moves like the “turn-around”, “face up”, “fadeaway” and “jab-step” 
  • Description of how to practice these moves and how to increase your touch around the rim
  • A more detailed explanation of how to play good post defenseAH7

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