Rebounding Principles

The following are a few crucial principles to take your rebounding ability to the next level.

1. Read the Ball

  • The best rebounders have the ability to track the flight of the ball and intuitively understand where the rebound is going to ricochet off the rim. If you can make an educated guess where the ball is going to hit off the rim then you have the advantage against your opponent (especially on the offensive glass).

2. Read the Game

  • If you know when one of your teammates/opponents is going to shoot the ball you have the ability to position yourself for the rebound before your opponent recognizes that a shot has been taken.

3. Rebound Early

  • Many of the best rebounders start going to the glass before their opponents because they are able to recognize when a shot is about to be taken. If you can gain inside position or get to a particular spot on the floor before your opponent, you have a massive advantage in securing the rebound.

4. Rebound out of your Area

  • Good rebounders grab rebounds that come to them, but great rebounders find rebounds outside of their area and pursue the ball at all costs. Positioning and physicality is only part of the equation when it comes to rebounding, but snagging rebounds outside of your area of the court propels you from good to great.

For a great example of a player who embodies these principles, check out these highlights from the game where Dennis Rodman’s grabs a career high 34 rebounds.


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