How to Rebound a Basketball

Rebounding the basketball is an important part of the game that anyone can learn! Regardless of your size, athleticism, or jumping ability, you can become a great rebounder.  Rebounding is one of the most important parts of game and is often the difference between winning and losing.

1. Positioning

The player with inside position usually has the advantage in securing the rebound. If you are playing defense, your goal is to keep yourself between your opponent and the rim for two reasons. First, to prevent them from driving to the basket and second, to have inside positioning for the rebound.

2. Box-Out

A smaller player can prevent a bigger player from getting the rebound if they use a technique called a “box-out”. A box-out is when a player uses their inside position and body to shield/move their opponent away from the rim. Undersized and smaller players can use the box-out to block bigger players from getting the rebound, offensive players can also use the box out to go after offensive rebounds. If the inside player is able to keep their hands up, they will be able to secure the rebound regardless of how it bounces off the rim.

3. Desire

The intangibles of tenaciousness, determination, and hard work are just as important to rebounding the basketball as anything else. If you are not willing to put in the effort to go rebound the basketball then all the technique in the world won’t make a difference.



3 Tips to a Great Box Out 

1. Leverage

Most times in sports the lowest player wins. The player that can leverage their power and explosiveness from an athletic position will usually hold the advantage over the player that stays upright. If you can get lower than your opponent you will be able to use the power of your lower body to maintain inside position and grab the rebound.

2. Arm Bar

When your opponent tries to get around you and establish inside position, it is important to use an arm bar to impede their progress before you turn your back to them and use your lower body to finish the box out. The arm bar is a great way to control your defender and keep them from getting inside position.


3. Quick Feet

Once you have made contact with your opponent you have to make sure you keep your feet moving to maintain contact and inside position.



The basics of rebounding the basketball are grounded in the fundamentals of boxing out and the desire to keep your opponent away from the basket. Any player can learn to be a good rebounder regardless of size or athleticism! Check out these highlights from one of the greatest rebounders of all time who was only 6’6” and consistently out-rebounded guys much taller than him.


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