Rules and Regulations

Court Markers

1. The distinct major markings on a basketball court are (see picture)

  • Sideline and BaselinesCourt Pic Labels
    • If a player steps on either of these lines they are considered “out of bounds”
    • The ball or players body can be outside of these boundaries as long no part of their body touches the “out of bounds”
  • Free Throw Line and Half-Court Line
    • Players are awarded two “free throws” shot from the free throw line if the referee determines they are fouled in the act of shooting or if the opposing team has exceeded the “team foul limit”
    • The game is started with a “jump ball” at half court. The half court line also serves as a marker that determines various “backcourt violations”
  • Three Point Line and the Lane (or Key)
    • Any player that makes a shot from beyond the three point line is awarded three points all other shots inside the line are worth 2 points
    • The Key is often referred to as the “restricted area” a critical area on the court that serves as a boundary on free throws and is used to determine “3 second violations”

Court Dimensions

Court Dimensions vary based on the level of competition and geographic location of the court. American high school basketball courts are shorter and narrower than college and FIBA regulation courts. Similarly, junior competitions will often adapt courts and lower rim height to adjust for the age of their participants. It would be impossible to account for each different level of basketball so I will outline the most used courts.

1. Universal Measures

  • Free Throw Line: 4.57m (15ft) to rim
  • Hoop Hight: 3.05m (10ft) from court to rim


2. American High School Court Pic HS Dimensions

  • Court Length:  25.6m (84ft)


  • Court Width: 15.24m (50ft)


  • 3pt Line: 6.01m (19.75ft)


  • Key: 3.66m (12ft)


3. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA: American College Governing Athletic Body)

  • Court Length: 28.64m (94ft) Court Pic NCAA Dimensions


  • Court Width: 15.24m (50ft)


  • 3pt Line: 6.32m (20.75ft)


  • Key: 3.66m (12ft)



4. FIBA (International Basketball Federation) 

  •  Court Length: 28m (91.86ft)Court Pic FIBA Dimensions


  • Court Width: 15m (49.21ft)


  • 3pt Line: 6.75m (22.15ft)


  • Key: 4.9m (16.08ft)



5. NBA  (National Basketball Association)

  • Court Length: 28.64m (94ft) Court Pic NBA Dimensions


  • Court Width: 15.24m (50ft)


  • 3pt Line: 7.24m (23.75ft)


  • Key: 4.9m (16.08ft)



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