We would personally like to thank Quinn for all the individual training that he has provided to our son Aidan. The training involved was intense and had everything in his drills from ball handling, dribbling, shooting and strength and conditioning. Aidan is learning continuously on and off the court using a lot of the fundamentals that were put in place by Quinn. We would highly recommend Quinn no matter if you were an advanced player or someone who is just starting their career.

– Kathy Zeverona

Quinn’s training is a lot of fun because he’s had so much experience with playing in the NBA D-League and other professional leagues. The drills, exercises, and conditioning he provides are tremendously valuable to a player like myself who is focused on getting better and improving my skills, strength, and mental approach towards the game.

– Jake Knight

I have been lucky enough to workout with Quinn for the past 12 months. In this time my all round game has been strengthened in different ways. All our workouts are done at an intensive game pace, which has improved my game and fitness one-hundred percent. My ball skills needed to improve and they have dramatically because of our training, to the point where I am now playing the 1 and 2 spot. Quinn always gives me great positive feedback, and our sessions never get stale as he always has new and challenging drills designed to really push me. Thanks for all the help .

– Corey Lewis

“I really wanted to let you know just how grateful Archie and I are to you for being able to work with Khalisha, the impact you have made on her game and her self confidence have been nothing short of remarkable, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…The most important and fulfilling thing for both Archie and I was that she responded to your training and hung on to your words and instructions literally… Thanks for being such an inspiration to her.  She passes, intercepts and blocks the ball with such conviction and purpose now and you can actually see her think and use her peripheral vision before she passes looking for that better and easier option.”

– Lulu


“The training that I have done with Quinn has been some of the best workouts I’ve ever done. Working with Quinn has helped me step up my game and allowed me to become an all-round better player.  Quinn works you hard and makes sure that you get the most out of each session that you have with him working on skills from ball handling, to shooting, strength exercises and any element of your game that you want to improve. Quinn is always positive during workouts giving good feedback that tells what you’re doing right but will also fine-tune your techniques and abilities. He will always push you to do that little bit more than you think you are capable of and I find this really helped me to improve and become a better player. Overall Quinn is hands down one of the best coaches I’ve ever had to work with me and has greatly influenced the way and play and train.”

– Michael de Thierry

“Quinn is an excellent basketball instructor for players of any age.  He excels in quickly identifying improvement  opportunities and putting together an effective training routine that yields significant results.  His knowledge of all facets of the game enable him to build a development strategy for players at any position.  My son has benefitted from Quinn’s tutelage and is now better prepared to play basketball at the varsity level and compete with other players with more experience.  In addition to Quinn’s outstanding basketball instruction, he also serves as a role model for young men with respect to faith, education, and life in general.  I can’t thank Quinn enough for working with my son and being such a positive influence in his life.  He is highly recommended.” 

– Earle Lindfors

“My two boys and I had the pleasure of meeting Quinn McDowell during our closing ceremony, where he was invited as a keynote speaker.  We immediately realized that his offer to provide individual instruction was too good to refuse.  Over the course of about 4 months, we coordinated 5 or 6 lessons with Quinn.  His ability to connect with the kids is a real gift, and the product of years of dedication and self discipline.  The coaching sessions with the boys provided a fast-paced hour, with constant rotation of drills, games and scrimmages.  It was very rewarding to see the progress the boys made over time, as well as their excitement and anticipation of working with Quinn.  He offers timely words of encouragement, and reiterates what can be accomplished through faith, hard work and dedication.  We actually documented the practice sessions, and plan to use the drills and games during our practices during the next Upward basketball season! “   

– Alan Bennet

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