College Recruiting 

The world of athletic scholarships, college coaches, and recruiting can be confusing. We want to give you practical, straightforward, and unbiased advice to guide you through the process. We are NOT a recruiting service and are not interested in promoting any particular school over another; instead, we want to help build the framework for making an extremely important decision more manageable.

Things to Consider

1. ONLY You have Your Best Interest in Mind

By its very nature, everyone in the recruiting process is looking out for their own interest. Consider a few people involved.

  • College Coaches: There are college coaches with high character and those with disreputable intentions. However, regardless of the content of their character each coach’s job security depends on their ability to win games. They are primarily interested in winning basketball games, not in making the best decision for your college experience. So if they are recruiting you as a scholarship player, they are not doing so because they think you’re a nice person: ultimately they expect you to help them keep their job.
  • High School and AAU Coaches: I’m not saying these coaches CAN’T have unbiased opinions, BUT be aware that your decision reflects on your high school and AAU program in some way. In more extreme cases, coaches may push you to accept a particular scholarship offer because they enjoy the recognition and relationships that come with one of their players being recruited by big-time colleges.

2. Basketball is your Job

Once you step on a college campus as a scholarship athlete, you are now an employee of that schools basketball program. The program will control a large amount of your time and it will be a huge part of your college experience. You are going to spend thousands of hours with the coaches, teammates, and personnel associated with the program. Just as you would consider taking a “real” job that has an positive work environment, you want strongly ¬†consider the different elements of each prospective program to see which one suits you best.

3. Find YOUR Fit

Fit is everything in terms of picking the right school. If you are lucky enough to have several scholarship offers, you will have to determine which school meets most your criteria. When making this decision a few of the factors you should be considering are; the atmosphere of the school, style of play, location, education level, recruiting patterns, extracurriculars, fields of study, offseason commitments, etc. Only you can determine which school offers you the greatest value for your four years. Remember to always Find YOUR Fit.


“Basketball Recruiting for Dummies”

These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to college recruiting. We haven’t even touched on topics like; AAU basketball, recruiting letters/phone calls, school visits, style of play, the coaching carousel, coaching assistants, life after basketball, etc.

For a more in-depth look at the entirety of the college recruiting process, check out our EBOOK for crucial insights, analysis, and suggestions. This brief manual is full of practical advice from someone who has been through the process and watched hundreds of other high school players make their college decision.

We WANT what’s best for you!¬†

We WANT to help you make the most informed decision possible!

We WANT you to have NO REGRETS!

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