Building Your Shooting Skyscraper

What do these Great NBA Shooters all have in Common???


Every great Shooter Has Built their "Shooting Skyscraper" from the ground up.

How'd they do it? Here's how:


Making the Choice.

All great shooters are faced with a choice. This choice confronts you everyday of your life. When you wake up in the morning it is there, when the weekend rolls around it is there, when you step into the gym it is there. On holidays, at school dances, in the Summer, in the offseason, during practice, it never goes away.

The choice to commit to excellence is always staring you in the face. This choice never takes a day off and is never satisfied. You can’t hide from it, and you can’t kill it, you can’t appease it. Always present, always watching, always asking.

There are two options and two options alone. The two paths are laid out before you, the choices are clear. You have a decision to make. But this decision must be made over and over again. Will you find yourself wandering down the crowded path of mediocrity or sprinting on the path of excellence?

Because those are your two choices. Some people just wander into whatever circumstance life throws their way, while people passionately sprint after their dreams. Don’t allow yourself to wander away from what you want most in your life. Make the decision now to pursue excellence no matter the cost.

The choice to commit to excellence is always staring you in the face. This choice never takes a day off and is never satisfied. You can’t hide from it, and you can’t kill it, you can’t appease it. Always present, always watching, always asking.

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Start Construction.

Excellence is a process, not an instant solution. It grows slowly through long hours of training, habit forming, and consistency. It needs to be fed, watered, and cultivated daily. No one has ever become a great shooter without a dogged commitment to becoming excellent each and every day. One of the great classic philosophers Aristotle once said this on the topic of excellence:

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

- Aristotle

Think about the construction of a skyscraper as a metaphor for how the idea of committing to excellence will play out in your life.

Skyscrapers are magnificent structures when we see them from the outside. Yet there is so much more to these buildings than what meets the eye. If we were to take a tour into the inner workings of each skyscraper we would begin to understand the incredible complexity that is required to make each building functional.

Unless your have worked construction before, you would be confronted with a new reality about what it takes to build such a structure.

Here's the thing though:

Hundreds of hours of work must be accomplished before any construction starts. The beginning of the project is usually dirty and exhausting work. You have to work with an architect, get building permits, find a location, hire contractors, and find investors all before you see any visible results of your efforts.

Before you build the structure, you have to dig the foundation, connect the plumbing, and pour the concrete, obtain the building codes, order the materials, and draw up the building plans. Before there is any resemblance of a finished product, hundreds of people will have worked thousands of hours, yet you still can’t see any resemblance of what looks like a skyscraper.

Especially at the beginning, this process is difficult, tiring, and time-consuming. It can be easy to get discouraged because you may not see the results of your hard work.

Here's the good news:

If you make the decision to keep building, slowly you start the see the rewards of your efforts...

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Keep building.

As time goes on, little by little, a structure starts to rise out of the mess and begins to look like a building. After months or even years of planning, construction, and hard work, you start to see the culmination of your efforts.

Basketball is no different. At times it might feel like your effort is getting you nowhere, and you can’t see any visible progress, you can’t see your skyscraper.

You might feel like the hours in the gym, the sweat, the sprints, the 6am lifts aren't getting you anywhere. Don't Give Up! 

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Have patience. Believe that every time you make an investment to become a better basketball player/shooter, that is an investment in your skyscraper, your finished product. Just like building a Skyscraper, the process of putting in the foundation isn't exciting at the time, but over time that foundation in critical to the health and beauty of the entire structure!

Be disciplined enough to understand that every time you make an investment in your skyscraper, you are building something incredible. Skyscrapers just like shooters are not built overnight. It takes time, persistence, hard work, and a daily commitment to becoming great.​

Here’s the key though: making a commitment to be excellent is never a one-time decision. Over the course of time when you consistently choose excellence over mediocrity, you create habits that start to shape you into a virtuous person.

Excellence evolves from a difficult choice to live your life differently than your default mode of operation. Over time, the tendencies of laziness or mediocrity slowly dissipate and are replaced with virtuous habits as your shining skyscraper of excellence rises from the chaos.


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I just wanted to say thanks.

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​You're the reason we exist.

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